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Sailing time from Ísafjörður to Vigur is 30-40 min. The island is about 2 km long and 400 m. at its widest point. Vigur is privately owned and the same family has lived there since 1884. Vigur is one of the largest eider duck nesting sites in Iceland which supports a down industry. 

There is about 80.000 puffins during the summer and also nesting sites of artic tern and Teistu? The only corn mill in Iceland is on Vigur.

Organised trips to Vigur have been going since 1990. Vigur received the Icelandic travel industry environmental award in 1995. If you are travelling in the west fjörds this trip is a must. Daily trips leave Ísafjörður 14:00. There is a guided tour of the island and then to viktoria house for light refreshments. The trip takes 3 hr. 15 min.

Information and bookings are at Vesturferðum Ísafirði, tel +354 456 5111, fax +354 456 5185 E-mail: