Sailing time from Ísafirði to Hesteyrar is 1 hr. 10 min. There once was a small village on Hesteyri, between 1920-1940 lived about 80 people with a school , shop, postoffice, telephones, doctor and a clinic. The Norwegians ran a whale station at Stekkeyri from 1894 until 1915 when a 10 year whale hunting ban was put in force in 1915 around Iceland. In 1927 a company from Reykjavík called Kveldúlfur hf. bought the whaling station from the Norwegians and changed it into a herring fishmeal factory.

Then the herring disappeared so in 1940 the factory closed down which was devastating for Hesteyri as it was the main employer.So with no work people started to leave and by 1952 Hesteyri was finished. There is still 10 houses which are used as summer houses by their old inhabitants and their relations. Hesteyri is ideal to start or end your walk on Hornstrandir as there is a very good camp site. Sleeping bag accommodation is found at the old clinic which is now a café ( tel +354 456 7183 ). Hesteyri is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to be found on Hornströndum it is so nice just to go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature that surround this idealic place.

The boat leaves Ísafjörður at 2 pm on Wednesday´s,Friday´s and Sundays. You are shown around the old village of Hesteyri and finish of with tea and cakes at the old clinic. The trip takes from 4-5 hrs.