GrunnavÝk - Hrafnfj÷r­ur

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Sailing time from Ísafirði to Grunnavíkur is about 50 min. From Grunnavík there is an interesting and enjoyable walk along the coast and bays to Hrafnafjörður. Starting from Grunnavík you go over Staðarheiði to Höfðaströnd and on to Flæðareyri. The young mans association (Y.M.C.A) of Grunnavík built a picturesque meeting house there in 1933 There is a very good camping site.
Then the way leads to Dynjanda and the bottom of Leirufjarðar where Drangajökull can be seen it all its glory, it is the only glacier in the westfjörds . Next is to Kjósarnes in Kjós and north with the cape which leads straight into Hrafnfjörð. Grunnavík was deserted by 1962 but there are still few houses now used as summer retreats by the old inhabitants. There is a good camping site and sleeping bag accommodations at Sútarabuðum. This is a very beautiful, easy and interesting walk for everybody. Plan for about 3 days.