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Sailing time from Ísafjörður to Vigur is 30-40 min. The island is about 2 km long and 400 m. at its widest point. Vigur is privately owned and the same family has lived there since 1884. Vigur is one of the largest eider duck nesting sites in Iceland which supports a down industry. 

There is about 80.000 puffins during the summer and also nesting sites of artic tern and Teistu? The only corn mill in Iceland is on Vigur.

Organised trips to Vigur have been going since 1990. Vigur received the Icelandic travel industry environmental award in 1995. If you are travelling in the west fjörds this trip is a must. Daily trips leave Ísafjörður 14:00. There is a guided tour of the island and then to viktoria house for light refreshments. The trip takes 3 hr. 15 min.

Information and bookings are at Vesturferðum Ísafirði, tel +354 456 5111, fax +354 456 5185 E-mail:


Sailing time from Ísafirði to Hesteyrar is 1 hr. 10 min. There once was a small village on Hesteyri, between 1920-1940 lived about 80 people with a school , shop, postoffice, telephones, doctor and a clinic. The Norwegians ran a whale station at Stekkeyri from 1894 until 1915 when a 10 year whale hunting ban was put in force in 1915 around Iceland. In 1927 a company from Reykjavík called Kveldúlfur hf. bought the whaling station from the Norwegians and changed it into a herring fishmeal factory.

Then the herring disappeared so in 1940 the factory closed down which was devastating for Hesteyri as it was the main employer.So with no work people started to leave and by 1952 Hesteyri was finished. There is still 10 houses which are used as summer houses by their old inhabitants and their relations. Hesteyri is ideal to start or end your walk on Hornstrandir as there is a very good camp site. Sleeping bag accommodation is found at the old clinic which is now a café ( tel +354 456 7183 ). Hesteyri is one of the most beautiful and romantic places to be found on Hornströndum it is so nice just to go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature that surround this idealic place.

The boat leaves Ísafjörður at 2 pm on Wednesday´s,Friday´s and Sundays. You are shown around the old village of Hesteyri and finish of with tea and cakes at the old clinic. The trip takes from 4-5 hrs.

═safj÷r­ur - Hrafnfj÷r­ur

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Sailing takes about 1 hr 30 min. Hrafnfjörðurinn is the longest of all the glacier fjords In this fjord people lived in 3 different places. In Hrafnfjarðareyri lived the famous outlaws, fjalla Eyvindur og Halla, who died sometime before 1783.

There is an emergency hut and a good camp site in Hrafnfirði . Hrafnfjorður was deserted by 1943.There are many walks from Hrafnfirði e.g., over Skorarheiði 200m above sea level, to Furufjarðar and over Svarta skarð in Þaralátursfjörð to Reykjafjarðar. In Reykjafirði is a good camping site and a guesthouse. There is also a very nice outside swimming pool and airport. You can also go from Hrafnfirði to Bolungavíkur á Ströndum. ( there is sleeping bag accommodation and a good campsite) and then on to Horni in Hornvík then to Hlöðuvík over Kjaransvíkurskarð to Hesteyrar.

GrunnavÝk - Hrafnfj÷r­ur

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Sailing time from Ísafirði to Grunnavíkur is about 50 min. From Grunnavík there is an interesting and enjoyable walk along the coast and bays to Hrafnafjörður. Starting from Grunnavík you go over Staðarheiði to Höfðaströnd and on to Flæðareyri. The young mans association (Y.M.C.A) of Grunnavík built a picturesque meeting house there in 1933 There is a very good camping site.
Then the way leads to Dynjanda and the bottom of Leirufjarðar where Drangajökull can be seen it all its glory, it is the only glacier in the westfjörds . Next is to Kjósarnes in Kjós and north with the cape which leads straight into Hrafnfjörð. Grunnavík was deserted by 1962 but there are still few houses now used as summer retreats by the old inhabitants. There is a good camping site and sleeping bag accommodations at Sútarabuðum. This is a very beautiful, easy and interesting walk for everybody. Plan for about 3 days.

Hesteyri - Vei­ileysufj÷r­ur

Sailing time from ísafirði to Veiðileysufjörður is about 1 hr. There was 3 farms at Veiðileysufjörður Steig, Steinólfsstaðir and Marðareyri in the past.There was also a whaling station at Meleyri the Norwegians built in 1897 but they dismantled it and moved it 1903 to Þórsvík in the Faeroe Islands. Veiðileysa is a good place to start for walking about Hornstrandi. One way is up from the bottom of the fjord to Hafnarskarð (519 m above sea level ) and down to Höfn in Hornvík. It is a 4-5 hr walk. Then it is possible to go round Hornbjarg and that way to Hrafnfjörður or go the different ways that lead from Hornvík, Hælavík, Hlöðuvík, Kjaranxvík, Fljótavík, Aðalvík, Látrar over to Hesteyri.

A­alvÝk - Hesteyri (daytrip)

On tuesdays a boat leaves Ísafjörður 9:00 am to Sæbóli in Aðalvík. The sea trip takes 1 hr.At Sæbóli there are 10-12 summer houses which are used by their owners and descendants as Aðalvík was deserted by 1952. There is a good camping site in Aðalvík and also an emergency hut. From Sæbóli the walk goes into Staðardal with Staðarkirkju and then up Fannadalir 272 m above sea level to sléttuheiði. . Then you go past Sléttuvatn down Nóngilsfjall and Bröttugötu in Hesteyri to Hesteyri. The full walk is about 11-12 km. And is walked with a guide . This is a very interesting and enjoyable walk and nothing is more beautiful then when stood upon Sléttuheiði and look out over Ísafjarðardjúp, Bolungarvík and Jökulfirði in all its splendour. Departure from Hesteyri for Ísafjörður is 17.15.

It is necessary to book this trip in advance.

Information and bookings at Vesturferðum Ísafirði tel +354 456 5111, fax +354 456 5185.

Ă­ey og Vigur

Every Tuesday and Friday at 10 am leaves a boat from Ísafafirði to Æðey and Vigur with people and goods.